Thursday, July 29, 2010

Location, location, location

Besides the honey bunch cherry tomatoes, this was the first tomato to ripen on the vine this summer... and it's a Big Beef heirloom. They usually arrive last. My Early Girls are still green. But this guy was planted with a southern exposure. Location, location, location.

My plan was for an all heirloom tomato section this year, but it was hard to find starters and I had no seeds.  I searched everywhere for Cherokee Purples (my absolute favorite--such a hearty, vinegary flavor) but none were to be found. I have Brandywine and Green Zebra in the garden, and this Big Beef heirloom, but the rest are hybrids. Still, better than store bought, and by the looks of things it's going to be a bumper crop.

I put up pizza and spaghetti sauce, peeled tomatoes and gazpacho every fall and sun dry a batch. I've also made tomato paste once or twice. That really uses up the extras.

Today I also moved my peppers from the bed they were doing poorly in, into the sunnier former lettuce patch. Seems to be an earwig problem developing there, so their survival is in jeopardy.

I've been told to set out jars of bacon grease to kill the earwigs. They climb in, but cannot climb out. This seems cruel to me. Can't quite bring myself do it. I have to face the fact that I have a double standard. I can't kill things, but I can eat livestock killed by others. This is something to chew on some more.

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