Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adventures with Ponds

How many times can you fall in the hole when digging a new pond?

Answer: Four.

The large unmanageable pond in my yard is being reduced to two smaller ones. It's been quite a project. A lot of repetitive do-overs. I'm thinking of getting new business cards made up. "I move dirt."

First, the slimy old dirt, plant roots and algae gunk had to be shoveled out and the enormous rubber pond liner removed. Then... that huge hole had to be filled back in. 

Next two new smaller holes needed to be dug out for the preformed liners. And the dirt around those liners filled back in. The ponds were lopsided, like me, so... dug out again, filled in again. Still lopsided. Dug out, filled in. Dug out, filled in. I feel like I'm in a Preston Sturges movie. Working on a chain gang doing mindless repetitive work. Careening into the holes periodically with acrobatic hilarity. Freshly dug earth just does not behave and stay up on the walls.

This is solely a beautification project yet very important to me because I need a water feature where I live. It also provides a drinking source for the raccoons who eat my garden.

Last night at 9 pm while surveying the land a skunk dashed through and chased me out of the beds. I think I only know half of what is going on out there in the night.

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