Sunday, July 18, 2010

Garlic Fest

Pulled a few garlic this morning, leaving the rest to thicken. The bulbs were fragrant right out of the ground. I often plant vegetables directly in the flower beds.  Garlic, tomatillo, patty pan squash and basil fit right in. (You can never plant too much basil or garlic. Pesto!) 

All washed and ready to use.  These will add flavor to the Sherry vinaigrette I am dressing the salad with for lunch. Tonight: Sweet oven roasted garlic (in lieu of butter) smeared on crusty rolls. 

Below: Fresh greens and golden honey bunch tomatoes, picked only moments ago, await the garlic vinaigrette.  A beautiful bowl of organic produce teaming with vitamins and pesticide free. Is there anything better?

Growing lettuce is a cinch.  (Hint, it likes cooler weather.)  A relative of mine planted mesclun salad greens in two large flower pots at her front door this season, purely as decorative plants.  It was her first shot at planting lettuce and they did so well she ate them all and replanted a second batch.  You can plant organically in any large flower pot, right on your balcony.

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