Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sun-dried tomatoes

The tomato harvest is so varied and abundant, I feel utterly overcome with wealth. Sun-dried tomatoes add so much to a salad, pasta dishes and sandwiches that it would be a waste to not use the heat of this day to dehydrate a few the natural way.

I slice them in half.

Sprinkle with a coarse sea salt.

 And place them on a rack on top of an old cookie sheet that I use to catch drippings.

Outside they go for some sunbathing. (I bring them in at night so the night scavengers aren't tempted.)

In a few days I should have intensely flavorful sun-dried tomatoes ready to serve up. You could do this in a dehydrator or in the oven, but why use electricity when the sun is available.

I cover them with a cheesecloth that can breathe, but keep flies and debris away.

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