Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pickled Green Tomatoes

The yellow cherry tomatoes were the first big producer in my garden and they are still going strong. The bush is now five feet tall and continues to stretch for the heavens. So this morning, before getting to work, I picked a small basket of unripe greens for a quickie pickle in an attempt to race ahead of the ripening fruit.

I used an untried recipe I found on the web attributed to Dan Field. Click here for recipe. This recipe is apparently an adaptation of another recipe attributed to Rick Field. Once you've got the basics of pickling down you can improvise on any recipe to make it your own. In fact, I did two jars following this recipe, and two jars with a new twist. It's great fun to give the eight ball a shake and see what comes up when your harvest is so bountiful. This recipe used tomatoes, dill, onion and garlic from my garden.

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