Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beets for breakfast

It's funny how your harvest can dictate your diet. Perhaps that is, as it should be.

On Sundays, the first thing I usually do when I get up is make a pot of tea and pop a loaf of bread in the oven. (Sullivan Bakery's No-Knead Bread tossed together quickly before bed and proofed over night, all ready for the oven.) Then I head outside to survey the lay of the land and feed the critters. This morning I ate fresh berries right off the vine.

Then noticed several beets rising above the soil, quite ready for harvest.

I decided to take advantage of the hot oven to roast them and then, to my own surprise, just spontaneously ate them for breakfast. They smelled so good. Four roasted beets and a pot of tea. A perfect breakfast. Delicious and a first for me. But I admit, I was glad to be alone this morning and not have to share them.

I can't remember where I learned this basic roasted beet recipe, but I am fairly certain it came from Martha Stewart. Wash and pierce beets with a fork, sprinkle with coarse salt, wrap in tin foil and bake for 50 minutes in a 400+ oven. When the beets come out of the oven the skin will slide right off. They retain a slight salty flavor and you can eat the beets hot or cold. Hot is best, but served cold with balsamic vinegar is nothing to sneeze at either.

I didn't even touch the bread after the beets. I was totally satiated.

There was another happy discovery in my garden.  A row of little seedlings have pushed through.

They are from the romaine seeds I sowed only last week -- seeds collected from this very season's crop of romaine. When I look at that little row of seedlings I see Caesar salad. I just love growing my own food!

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