Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rooftop Gardens in Venice California

A stroll along the Venice Canals in California is an agreeable way to spend an hour on a sunny day.

There you can enjoy the recherche' architecture of the rich who have plunked down millions to squeeze in hip to shoulder in their all-house, no-land domiciles. This is a community with close ties and an alternative spirit.

Small kitchen gardens with protective netting aimed to dissuade hungry seabirds, sit on rooftops.

The view is a tranquil one, despite the sour smell of the water in the man made canals.

My preference is natural waterways and true green space for gardening, but fresh organic vegetables are not an issue for those in Venice Beach or Santa Monica.

Farmer's markets are only steps away and arrive twice weekly.

It's always a festive social gathering, where more than just food is shared.

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