Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taking Risks

Admittedly I'm a bit of a risk taker when it comes to planting early. But with risk comes reward. Despite my neighbors' warnings last season, I had the first garden in... and the last one out. The hoop houses did wonders. Today I launched in and direct planted just a couple of fairly fragile seedlings as an experiment.

First a cabbage. This one is a real risk. The spindly stem nearly twisted over when I plopped it in the ground. I tried double protecting it from insect invaders by surrounding it with plastic containers with the bottoms cut out. We'll see...

Next, a San Marzano tomato seedling. What was I thinking there? Too cool still for tomatoes. Oh what the heck.

Also some catnip (not pictured) and finally this bush bean, which I have high hopes for.

I remain on rhubarb watch, noticing some small holes on the leaves which have now outgrown the cold frame. Who is chewing on that I wonder?

The green bunching onions are flourishing happily, and you can really feel spring taking hold now. I love watching the garden greening up. You can practically hear the plants growing. There's nothing better than morning tea outside on the lanai. All is well in the world today.

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