Friday, April 22, 2011

GMOs Linked to Organ Disruption?

Oh boy. Need another reason to plant an organic heirloom vegetable garden as a food source for your family?

Jeffrey Smith reports on the new study that links kidney and liver organ disruption to the consumption of genetically modified food.

Here's a link to the actual paper on the study.

Dr. Oz did a recent show on this crucial issue and explained the direct connection of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) to the herbicide RoundUp. Jeffrey Smith was a guest on the show. Take a look:


Things are just getting out of hand with food manipulation, in my opinion. The rationale is that genetically-engineered food is necessary because we can produce more of it and do it cheaper and faster with less earth and water. The truth is we need better quality food and we need to eat less of it. We need smaller, more energy efficient housing and fewer developments of monster homes sucking up our agricultural land. Maybe we would all eat a little less if the quality of our food was better.

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#2 100% Organically grown foods (no herbicides or pesticides)
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Here are some links to Margaret Roach's excellent blog that deals with the GMO seed issue and how it relates to your garden and your seed order.

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