Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Promise of Gooseberries

I planted a red gooseberry bush last spring and it did absolutely nothing all season. I really didn't expect it to survive the winter, but this spring it is teasing me with robust greenery and the promise of future fruit. I've never had a gooseberry bush before so I am very excited!

The garden is so full of life now. 

Birds of every feather are gathering to sing and dance their mating rituals. Keeping up with the nonstop demand for seed is turning into a full time job. I try to rein in my wild creature feeding addiction but I am a sucker for a hungry little face or beak. It's really best if wild animals forage themselves, it ensures a varied diet. Feasting on nuts from a supermarket just fosters dependency.

Nursing squirrels now battle all over the yard for territory. One hides a nut I've given her for safekeeping while another secretly observes from a distance, then sneaks in to boost it. 

Alas, the poor finches have also had their feeder ravaged by very some naughty Red-winged Blackbirds who have eaten most of the nyger seed.

It's the wild kingdom out here. We have rabbits, raccoon, opossum, skunk, hawks, geese, owls and unfortunately coyotes, but on top of all that, now a neighbor's pigeons have gone rogue to hang out at my feeders as well.

I don't blame them for flying the coop really, the alternative was pigeon pie.

Yes, the garden is flush with life.

Plants are blooming everywhere now. The pale pink hyacinths are up.

Daffodils, pansies and early tulips. I really love this time of year when there is still the slightest nip in the air and everything is fresh and new. The heavy work is yet to begin.

It's been just a perfect Easter Sunday. Hope yours was too.

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