Monday, August 27, 2012

Three Tiny Tomatoes

These three yellow tomatoes are from three different bushes. A grape tomato, a cherry tomato and a plum.  Two of the three are volunteers from seeds that found their way into the compost. Hearty little devils. The garden is now teaming with tiny tomatoes.

Ah, a million cherries but nary a Purple Cherokee to be seen. 

The flavor of red (and purple) tomatoes have a superior flavor in my books, but I eat mostly yellows because of the reduced acid.


Carolyn Renee said...

I LOVE yellow pear tomatoes! And they do volunteer like crazy; a definite bonus!

Dawn said...

Yes, they are so robust, aren't they? I'm putting some up today. I canned a ton last season and they were fabulous in soups, stews and pasta mid-winter. Tangy.