Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Perfect Peck of Purple Potatoes

What's great about this crop is that it was 100% volunteer. I believe these potatoes hailed from potato berries since I thoroughly cleaned out that bed last season. But you never know, purples are difficult to find in the soil. They blend right in. So there could have been a few left in from last season.

On the tomato front, this tomato is from another volunteer that I have been waiting to ripen. It came from heirloom seeds that ended up in the compost bin. I thought it would be Brandywine, but it's starting to look like a Zebra tomato.

There are five or six of these bushes starting to ripen. Waiting for the verdict has been great fun.

Lots of harvesting today. Tons of Mache and other lettuces for salad.

 Just a gorgeous day to be in the garden.

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