Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shallots and Scapes

Young shallots drying in the sun.

These were planted in very early spring and would have grown to double this size by August but they were blocking sunlight to a tomato plant and were harvested early. They need to cure in a dry place for about a week before storage.

This season I made the pledge that I would not let a single vegetable go to waste, so the early storage situation is stressing me a bit. Timing! It's exhausting trying to get early canning and preservation done when you're so busy prepping a show. Plus I have to travel again this week. But Mother Nature doesn't wait for showbiz. No sir!

There's a whole mess of garlic scapes that will have to become pesto or tapenade tonight. Whew! And I still haven't processed the green onions that came in like gangbusters this week. Those are still in the sink waiting to be cleaned, chopped and frozen. Waste not, want not. Honor your pledges.

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