Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Navet Turnips

The root vegetables are coming in and roasted turnips will be on the menu tonight.  It's so fabulous to have turnips on the first day of summer.

Navet is a heritage variety from the late 1800s that is reported to be mild in flavor. Fresh out of the soil, I find them to have a sharp little bite. Not horseradish hot, but horseradishy enough to notice. The larger they grow, the milder they seem to become. Navets are crisp and juicy and work in a salad, stew or simply roasted.

These delightful specimens were grown from seed and started indoors in peat pots. The leaves are slightly prickly and fairly chewed up by insects, but the bulbs are perfect. They'll roast up nicely with the white heirloom carrots that I've been harvesting over the last week.

In both summer and winter I enjoy roasting a selection of root vegetables in the oven. I toss the vegetables in olive oil, sprinkle with a bit of salt and fresh herbs (thyme, parsley) and bake on a flat baking pan at 350 until fork tender. Turning occasionally to brown on all sides.

I find carrots, onions, turnips, potatoes and garlic are often a nice mix. It's low impact cooking and if you cut up a good amount you can quickly warm them in a pan throughout the week without heating up the oven more than once. Frugal living.

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