Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How Green is My Garden

The unpredictable weather this season has most gardeners dancing the quickstep, and I find myself doing a jig right along. There are flowers on all of my potatoes already. Last season they didn't appear until July.

Russian Blue Potatoes and Lettuces
Harvesting the perishables has begun with a passion. An unexpected heat spell has the spinach and arugula bolting already. Nothing bolted last season, until July. But I adore spinach, so who's complaining.
Organic Spinach
I've always had trouble growing spinach until this year when I ignored the directions on the seed packets and just scattered the seeds on top of the soil.  Now I have spinach galore.  Spinach seeds need a good dose of light to germinate, so it's a curiosity that seed packets always instruct you to cover them.
Organic lettuces
It's fabulous to dig into the fresh and abundant salad greens teaming with nutrients again. The lettuces are so flavorful they don't need anything more than a splash of olive oil and red wine vinegar as dressing.

If anyone has a recipe that uses sage flowers please hook me up, as my sage bushes are both flowering up a storm. Cheers!

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