Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sunday morning usually starts this way.

KCRW on the radio, tea and hot bread from the oven. It's how I ease into the day. I'm going to need that ease today because I have a rather large gift to deal with. Yes, it's the mother of all white Zucchinis, and there are three of them.

My good neighbor has bestowed these gifts on me, and I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. So what to do... minestrone (not a fan), Zucchini bread (also not a favorite), stuffed Zucchini (yuck). Okay, the simple truth is, I've never much liked Zucchini. That's why none was planted in my garden this season, or last, or the season prior. But darned if I haven't been given the chance to learn to like it. I welcome all inventive recipes.

Well, I took on the task of tackling the torpedo-sized zucchinis, getting them at least to the prep stage for baking breads. (That's only half of one zucchini in that picture. I don't how how he got them to this size, we don't live anywhere near a nuclear power plant.)

There's something very centering about spending hours preparing food you have no interest in. In the end, the effort was satisfying... if only for the fact that you could once again see counter top.

Besides, I had an exceptional Burrata cheese from Italy and slices of Parma Proscuitto to keep me company in the endeavour. Killer delicious. There's always a way through.

The finished product:

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