Monday, September 20, 2010

Extending The Season

Began work on getting some hoops up today. Need to hit Home Depot for some more PVC and heavier duty plastic sheeting. My hoop houses are pretty makeshift. I've dabbled with different designs, but since they are temporary structures, I don't go full on carpenter with them. They work quite well though. I started my garden a good 6 weeks earlier than any of my other neighbors this year and hope to extend just as long thanks to the hoop houses. The tomatoes are already beginning to lose their flavor. They need the encouragement of added protection from the cool nights (and likely soil amendments).

The watermelon is certainly loving it. He doubled in size in a day. I've also started to move some container vegetables inside. These potted carrots are the first.

Along with the tomato seedlings I've been nursing (born from TPS - true potato seeds).

I would love to get a crop of winter potatoes from these. Wouldn't that be cool?

Speaking of cool. On one of my book crawls today I found this lovely book, Landscaping with Fruit
by Lee Reich, Storey Publishing. This just seems like such a nobrainer to me. Why aren't we all doing this?

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