Monday, August 29, 2011

Potatoes Grow On Stems

Here's another video that demonstrates how potatoes grow on the stem of the plant. I experimented with several different planting techniques this season. These Norlands were only watered twice during the entire season. I left the poor dears to the elements to see how they would fare without much oversight. Not exactly a bumper crop, but, still, a harvest nonetheless. Look at how small they are in comparison to the larger Red Pontiacs I pulled out two days ago (see earlier post.)

The largest of these Norlands tended to be the potatoes that were closest to the surface of the ground. (More water?)

Next season I am adding the straw mulching technique to my planting repertoire. Laying a thin layer of straw on soil that has a reasonable tilth. Then tossing the potatoes directly on top and mulching over with more straw. The photo of a bunch of potatoes in a little straw nest on the bottom of this webpage,, sold me. Straw is also very easy to hill up. On the downside, it makes your crop more vulnerable to vermin.

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