Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Backyard Garden Harvest

Here is July 20th's harvest from my relatively modest backyard vegetable garden. Fresh rhubarb for 2 ramekins of rhubarb crumble. A lovely cucumber for slicing. Black currents for a jam.

Two Zucchini for tonight's dinner (yes, I am eating them now...waste not, want not); a bowl of purple beans for a dilly bean pickle I will be canning using dill from the herb garden and garlic from the garlic patch.

Two more pickling cucumbers for yet another jar of dill pickles. Fast to make, those. (I already have one in the fridge, last year's dill pickles were so awesome.) Small tender red and yellow beets, one turnip and two Russian blue potatoes for roasting. Four Pontiac Red potatoes for a vichyssoise soup, and some random teardrop yellow tomatoes to top the salad greens I will pick later for dinner. 

Not a bad haul for a suburban backyard. Things to eat fresh, roasted, in a dessert, soup, a pickle and a breakfast jam. It all just plain makes me happy.

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