Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Around The Garden

So much has been happening around the garden and I've been too busy to post, so I snapped a few quickie pics for an update. There was a lot of drama on the veggie front until I realized that the soil amendment I added in all the beds was about 100% nutrient free. My tomatoes were starving. The peppers were gasping for breath, zucchini dropping like flies and everything looked just plain sad. I lost a lot of good food to cheap dirt. Lesson learned. Once rectified, things instantly perked up.


There was a terrible spate of blossom end rot on the zucchini and my research uncovered numerous opinions on the cause. Pollination issues, the vine bore and calcium deficiency were the prime suspects. I found no bores. Started pollinating by hand, then simply went into the vitamin cupboard, grabbed some calcium, pulverized it in a mortar and pestle, added it to the soil and I literally had a zucchini the next morning. Literally. The next morning. So I buried some pills in the soil and there have been zucchini ever since. I continue to hand pollinate, even though there are bumble bees a plenty all around the garden.

This is about the eighth purple beauty pepper on the vine and the first to survive the ravenous, rampaging opossum, raccoon and skunk that have made my yard their buffet.

Purple beauty pepper

I find the remains of veggies strewn hither and yon daily. I'm very happy this one pepper has survived... so far. Why won't they eat the lettuce?


There are numerous varieties of delicious lettuce growing in every bed. Please eat the lettuce critters, we have so much to spare.

I've finally started harvesting brussel sprouts now.

I pick a single serving each meal (since I'm the only one who likes them) and leave the rest on the stalk until needed. I'll be sad when the stalk is empty. They are so cheerful looking.

Brussel sprouts on the vine
Little gems of goodness that they are. They may be my favorite vegetable.

Cucumbers, in both pickle size and table size are steady producers now. 

Front of cucumber bush climbing trellis

I have several bushes around the garden. Two in pots, the rest in the ground.

Back of cucumber bush on trellis
Sweet onions are plumping up and will soon be ready for harvest.

Sweet onions
And I dig up a few potatoes every day, leaving the rest in the ground to keep fresh.

Purple Caribe, Yukon Gold, Pontiac Red and All Red Potatoes
There's a lot more going on, but this is just a snapshot of what a suburban garden can provide to the table. How much fun is that?

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