Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Catnip, Herbs and Early Veggies

Lots to do setting up a new garden and starting from scratch. I dug up herbs from my previous garden, transplanted them and added a few new ones from an organic supplier. The herb section is slowly starting to fill in. This year, so far, I have winter savory, sorrel, English thyme, rosemary, mint, curly and Italian parsely, chives,  marjoram and more. I don't think I'm putting in another sage. The last one took over a huge section of the garden. I dried tons of it and find I use it infrequently.

I do always plant some catnip for my kitty though. She enjoys the garden just as much as I do. Catnip is hardy and will come back year after year. Pick it frequently and it will keep producing. 

Here is the first leek of the season. I braised it for a quick side dish.

The flavor was surprisingly strong.

And look who is peeking out from the soil. The first potato leaves. And so it begins... happiness.

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