Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To Catch A Mouse Humanely

My cat is a skillful mouser. She catches the poor little souls, ferries them inside the house and releases them to prolong the chase. Mice are forever getting behind cabinets and bookshelves. Over the years, I have learned the fine art of flushing them out and quickly releasing them to the wild.

The Guilty Party

Two products I use work wonders and cause no harm to the creatures. First, canned air. The fastest way to flush a mouse from a hiding place is with a harmless blast of canned air. Canned air is available at any Staples in the electronics department. It's normally used to clean computer keyboards and electronics. 

This year I found a second product that works like a dream. Literally. It's the Mouse Inn by Catchmaster. It's 100% humane and you have zero physical contact with the rodent. I love this product!

The Mouse Inn is a small Plexiglas container with an angled door on a hinge that has a few little air holes in it. The mouse runs inside, the door closes behind and they can't get out. 

You place the containers alongside walls because rodents will hug the walls as they run for safety. (Check them daily. If left unattended for extended periods mice will expire inside.) 

Catchmaster also includes Valerian Root pellets to place inside the traps for the mice to eat. Apparently the smell of Valerian is an attractant and serves to relax the trapped rodent. If you run out of pellets, you can always buy Valerian at your local health food store. Humans use it as a sleeping aid.

After the mouse enters the Mouse Inn, you take the container outside, set it on the ground and flip it over. The door instantly flops open and the mouse escapes into its natural habitat. The reusable trap is ready for the next rodent.

When I first saw this contraption I really doubted it would work, but boy-oh-boy did it ever! A mouse was caught within 10 minutes of placement. 

As winter approaches, mice and rats will be seeking warmer quarters so I suggest you stock up now. Note: Catchmaster also offers a larger size called the Rat Inn. You can get them at

The Mouse Inn, used in combination with canned air, is a winning combination.


BilboWaggins said...

I use a similar trap to catch the ones which come into the house in winter. Unless you want them to come straight back in again, apparently they need to be released at least half a mile from your home, any closer and they will find their way back. (Who researches these things?)

We have so many here that forcible relocation doesn't seem to make a huge difference, but it makes me feel better. ☺

Joshua Duffy said...

I work at a camp and got one of these to promote neighborliness to rodents :)
First night I got a lil mouse. He seemed rather calm inside, although nothing like the mouse on the box! Great product though; cheap and works well.