Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good Food Festival and Conference Sept 14-18

Lots of things to see and learn at the Good Food Festival and Conference in Santa Monica, California this weekend.

Felt grow bags utilize vertical space.

The focus was on sustainability, local organic farming and of course, eating well.

Planting a pizza garden

This sort of an event wasn't on anyone's radar a few years ago. There is definitely a C change happening. The recent contaminations of our food due to mono-agriculture and centralized processing has everyone on high alert. People want change and are getting involved.

I couldn't attend the whole conference due to some unforeseen circumstances, but there were several informative panel sessions on Food Policy & Public Health and the challenges of Organic Farming vs Conventional Farming. Some sessions were better attended than others due to the heavy competition from the many farmer's markets that have sprung up in practically every neighborhood now. Not to mention the great weather.

"So You Want To Be A Farmer" Panel with
Michael O'Gorman, Al Courchesne, David Karp and Romeo Coleman

Worm Composting, Beekeeping, Backyard Chickens and Pest Control sessions were held in the folksy Hay Bale Classroom. There was a wonderful give and take between instructor and all participants. I was delighted to learn just how many people are keeping backyard chickens now. No one was in competition at this conference. The atmosphere was 100% cooperation. Participants wanted to learn from one another, connect and share insights. And isn't that what community is all about?

Everyone left with plenty of food for thought about what they could do personally to get involved and effect changes in both their own gardens and with policy makers.

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