Sunday, March 27, 2011

San Marzano Heirlooms

Last summer my very sweet elderly Italian neighbor gave me some of his heirloom San Marzano paste tomatoes. My neighbor speaks limited English, so I don't always understand everything he shares with me, but our common love of growing vegetables puts us in daily discourse, comparing recipes and trading the fruits of the earth. He was very clear with me that if you plan to save the seeds of tomatoes, you must always pick the fruits that sit lowest on the vine.

I saved some of the seeds and just planted a couple, it seems only a week or two ago. Sure enough, the robust San Marzano was the very first seedling to pop its head above the soil. I expect great things from this little guy this summer.

San Marzano Heirlooms are prized by those in the old-country as the superior paste tomato of Napoli, Italy. They produce such an awesome tomato sauce you will wonder how you ever lived without them. Lower in acidity too. Goodbye Romas.

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