Thursday, December 16, 2010

Auditioning Books

These are the current gardening and cooking books in the audition pile right now. It's an ever revolving selection. I spend two weeks with a book before deciding whether it will be added to my permanent collection or not. Enter the library. My partner in this endeavor. (I had to seriously take myself in hand around book purchasing after recently disposing of over three hundred books, many unread.) Hence the new winnowing process, which, I might add, works brilliantly. If I don't find myself drawn to the book repeatedly, it's not a keeper. The quality of mercy is not strained. I do find I'm wanting more manuals now. More building and planting instructions, more recipes and more how tos. Less fluff, more meat.

The new online system of ordering loaners from any library in town and having them automatically delivered to your local library free or charge is absolution perfection. The library even emails me when my selections are ready for pickup. I feel so pampered. It's often quicker then Amazon, definitely cheaper and a benefit I already pay taxes for. I'm getting my money's worth from the library these days. Music, DVDs, periodicals and books. It's like a spa for the mind.

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