Thursday, November 18, 2010

Under the growlights

The beginnings of the indoor winter garden. Mesclun lettuce is starting to sprout under 40 watt grow lights in the otherwise dark basement. 

Red potatoes await their indoor potting. I expect they will be a challenge, but I'm going for it. My Yukon Golds were so exceptional this year I crave more homegrown tubers.

Two 40 watt fluorescent plant lights are the only illumination these plants are getting. Chives and parsley thrive and a potted strawberry plant (a runner pulled from the garden) appears happy. Small pots of peppers germinate behind the lettuce.

I long for a heated conservatory and orangerie where citrus trees could grow year round. One day. 

My hope is that green builders will answer this call for year-round growing by building sunrooms and conservatories as standard issue for new developments. The current trend has cold cellars making a comeback. Bright minds will seize the moment. I have faith.

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