Saturday, October 30, 2010

Solar Challenge

Well I finally took the leap and sprung for my first set of solar panels yesterday. I'm starting small as I learn more about the equipment. (They're quite heavy!) My plan right now is to harness enough solar energy this winter to power the grow lights for my indoor vegetable garden. The initial outlay of money was a bit daunting, but when offset by the cost of fresh organic produce, the purchase was well worth it. In the long run I'll come out ahead and remain in control of the quality of my food source.

I challenge my readers (which according to stats hail from around the globe) to buy at least one solar light in the coming year, even if only a tiny garden light for a pathway. You can pick those up for under $10. As market demand increases, prices will continue to drop and technologies will improve.

Solar lights for the yard are not only a terrific way to bring beauty to your home and make walkways safer at night, they are also a great resource in a blackout. During the last blackout in my neighborhood my whole house remained ablaze with light as night fell. I merely ventured outside and dragged in a few solar charged garden lights.

Check out this development on photovoltaic solar leaves. Very exciting stuff!

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